Monday, December 28, 2009

Welcome Back

After several days of being with the extended family at my in-laws, lots of fun, storytelling, and general good times, it is nice to return to our own home and fall back into our routines. The sun is spilling over my left shoulder onto my desk (an oak dining table with a honey stain) and I'm surrounded once again by books and journals and more to read than I can accomplish in the brief time of the break that remains....but that's a blessing.

I have one more draft to write before Friday, and we are hosting a small New Year's Eve celebration this year, so I better get it written in the next three days!

Just a few links to get back in sync with my world, and more to come tomorrow or the next.

Reb Livingston has this great post about turning 37 and how every year in her 30's has gotten better. Heare! Heare! I concur with much abandon. While this post is non-poetry related, it stuck to me today b/c in about two weeks I'll be celebrating a birthday that will mark the beginning of the end of my 30's. It's been an amazing decade!

Of poetry note: Karen Weyant has two great lists: best poetry books of 2009 and best chapbooks of 2009. Check out these lists. I've got a bunch of new titles to scribble down on my to-read list.

Until the morrow! May you continue to enjoy the holidays in whatever fashion works for you.

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