Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Two Poems to Read ASAP

38º and overcast, dreary, light rain/mist

Here are two poems that I absolutely love this morning.

Katy Didden's poem "Nest" made the best-of on Verse Daily. (I might have posted this back when it originally appeared, but it is definitely worth a re-read.)

This week's poem at Linebreak continues their great run. Check out Michelle Bitting's "Little Red Car" and click to listen to Arkansas alum Brian Spears read it.

I met Mary Biddinger's 3 poems before 2010 challenge yesterday. First, I forced an ugly duckling set of lines into the world...the usual result when I try to write on a deadline, but all that ugliness disgusted me, so I turned to my inspiration cards and voila...a new draft emerged. This is the card I used yesterday. The draft is called "Assets & Heirs."

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