Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Poems Now Available

50º and overcast/murky

In what may be record turn-around time, Juked posted my poem "The Wisdom of the Dead" today, after accepting it on Saturday (see below). Hope you'll give this journal (and my poem) a read.

Also in the mail today, my contributor copies of Redactions: Poetry & Poetics Issue 12. I'm excited to read this issue not only because of the other great poets (including Angie Macri, my colleague at PTC, and Eva Hooker, my first official poetry instructor), but also because of the exploration of the current state of the lyric. Along the turn-around time theme, my poem in Redactions, "Voice Box" was accepted by this journal right out of the gate, within days of submission.

My thanks to the editors and staff members at both journals for their support of my work and of poetry at large. (Please help support the literary arts by subscribing to a journal or requesting your library subscribe.)


Justin Evans said...

It's a great poem. Congrats on all of the god news!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks, J.!

Anonymous said...

What a neat journal Juked is--and cool poem, Sandy!

I received my subscriber's copy to Redactions yesterday, and was amazed at their line-up of poets--including you. Congratulations!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Marie, glad you liked it. That issue of Redactions is a good one. Thanks for the note about both.