Friday, December 18, 2009

Smörgåsbord Dessert

Today's the start of a new journal! Always a cause for celebration, although I'm not sure why. Writing is mostly about the process for me, and I struggle with the idea of things being "finished," be they individual poems or manuscripts. Still, it feels like an accomplishment when the last page of a journal is filled up and a new one is begun.

For anyone curious, I use the Moleskin blank journals with the soft covers, 80 pages each. The journals come with a blank black cover. I clip something interesting and paste it to the cover to make each one unique. Here's a picture of the new one.

Yes, I date my entries.


The mail carrier just arrived with my copy of Nate Pritts' first book Sensational Spectacular, which I won in a Goodreads giveaway. Awesome man that he must be, Pritts also included a bound copy of his chapbook [uniquely constructed self], available as a PDF here. The chapbook is a collection of centos gathered from student papers. I can't wait to read both!


Kristin said...

Some day, when you're casting about for a blogpost, I'd love to know how blogging has affected your journal writing. I find that I'm writing in my old-fashioned, for my eyes only, paper journal far, far less often, and I'm conflicted about that. I like the ease of blogging and finding old posts. But I worry that the public nature of blogging means I'm not doing as much work on diving deep into myself.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Great idea for a post! I'll start thinking it through.