Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Recapping the Weekend

Someday, perhaps, someone will invent a personal weather machine that allows the operator to choose his/her weather of the day. After all, sometimes one wants a gray day to bury oneself in a book under the covers in front of a fire and sometimes one wants the sun to spark some hidden fire long dormant. Today, it is the latter for me and the former for the sky. We are mismatched.

Friday, I had the good fortune to share lunch with a fellow writer-teacher and talk shop. We shared some laughs and came up with a few ideas for the next semester. I am the type of person who figures that the people I admire (as I do this friend) have mastered the art of being; I am always stunned to realize that we share some of the same uncertainties and many questions. It's good to be reminded. Thanks, H.

After lunch, the husband and I left town for the night to visit close friends in Hot Springs. As I look at my time off for the holiday break, I tend to get a bit possessive and guarded. I'm glad now that I didn't put off our friends' request to visit. Enjoying good food and good conversation goes a long way to recharging the batteries.

Sunday saw some solid revision work on several newish poems. What startled me most was the really deep revision I accomplished on a poem that's been bothering me for several months. When I was able to step back and allow a major part of the poem to shift its place on the page and another wimpish part to vanish altogether, I made what seems to be a better poem. Time will tell.

No new drafts today, but the idea of drafting...


Kristin said...

I assume that all other grown ups--except the homeless guy with obvious mental problems--have mastered the art of existence/being. You mean it's not true?

What relief!

Sandy Longhorn said...

K., definitely a relief!