Monday, January 3, 2011

Wishing for a Sorting Hat

31º ~ a cold night but bright sun and clear skies for the day, warming temps, very little breeze to speak of

Yes, Dear Readers, I just referenced Harry Potter in the title of this post.  I've spent the morning sorting poems in preparation for sending out some new submission packets.  As I look at the bundles of files now stacked on my desk, waiting for me to go through the long process of choosing journals to match with each bundle of poems, I suddenly had an image of JK Rowling's sorting hat.  How great would that be?  Let the hat figure out the best journals for each group of poems and all I'd have to do is lick the stamps, be they real or electronic. 

I started the morning inspired by Erin's post over at Being Poetry.  In the post she talks about revision this way:  "When I revise a poem, I look for the strongest image, the strongest moment, and try to pare away extraneous words and lines that lead away rather than towards this focal point."  So nicely put.  And I needed that kind of clear direction to get back to the work of poetry.  Of course, we've all heard words like this about revision at one time or another; however, these were so nicely said and came across my screen at just the right moment.  Thanks, Erin!

Now, back to life, back to reality.  One sick cat must go to the vet and them I'm back on campus this afternoon.


Erin said...

Thanks Sandy! Now if I could ever find enough time to revise after school starts back up... sigh.

Kathleen said...

I want the hat, too!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Erin, you can do it! I know you can!

Kathleen, if you find it first, let me know. :)