Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Prompts and Submissions

50º ~ bright sun, gentle breezes barely moving the remaining leaves, a heat up today, then storms on the horizon to cool us down

This morning, I was struck by two online prompts:

1) Big Tent Poetry: If you haven't checked out this great online resource, I hope you will.  This week, the prompt is for people to leave a line in the comments and then choose a line from someone else to prompt a draft.  Sounds great to me.  Free lines of poetry!

2) Her Circle Ezine: A new favorite of mine, provides a character-driven prompt for this week.  Reminds me of one I use with my creative writing students.

Dead Letter from Hawaii
Also, if you recall, Dear Reader, last Monday, I decided to try and send out a poetry submission or two on Mondays.  Woo Hoo!  I completed two packets and sent them off via online submission forms.  Let me just say again how much I love online submissions.  They save me money & time, especially b/c I have no need to make a detour to the post office on my way to work.


SarahJane said...

Living abroad, I also love online submissions. I've pretty much given up on physical post. The only problem I sometimes have is when I have to withdraw a poem from a publication that uses a system where the submission is uploaded. It's often unclear to me HOW to withdraw one poem, unless you're allowed to notify the editors by email.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Sarah, Yes, I have had the same frustration, although it seems like more journals are providing specific information about this (i.e. you need to withdraw the entire sub or you need to email this specific email address), so I'm hopeful that will work itself out as use of the online manager grows. It does seem to have been designed with prose in mind more than poetry.

Nancy Devine said...

i, too, love online submissions. the convenience is terrific.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Hi, Nancy! Thanks for stopping by.