Thursday, June 3, 2010

Where I've Been

76 deg ~ yes, it is 1:30 a.m., and the temp is 76 deg...looking at 90's for the highs next week, with one 100 deg day in the forecast

I don't normally write about my family much here at the Kangaroo, but given my silence the last week or so, I figured an explanation might be in order.  So, this is where I've been:  meeting my great-nephew for the first time.  Let me tell you, Joseph Matthew (aka Joey, aka Peanut) is one happy kid.  The back injury delayed my trip by a week, but we still managed to fit in some quality aunt-nephew bonding time.  Unfortunately, I couldn't really tote him around and swing him about as much as I wanted to given that I'm still on restricted lifting and exercising.  That will have to wait until our next visit later this summer.

Iowa was its normal, stunning spring/summer self, although some of the fields have had to be replanted due to a late freeze.  I got my fill of staring at the neatly combed rows of corns just starting to get a good grip in the dirt.  Now, I'm homesafe, the back is on the mend, and I'm planning a poem-a-day write-a-thon starting on Monday, I think.

As for the time of this post, I've been struck by a cruel blast of insomnia, reminiscent of my bout with it in Denver at AWP.  However, this time, I'm home in my own bed after days away, I haven't had any caffeine since 6 a.m., and there isn't much to stress about, so I'm not sure who I've offended to deserve such treatment, but I'll gladly perform my penance to get back to sleep!


Anonymous said...

That is the very model of a bouncing baby boy -- what a cutie! Congratulations!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Marie, we've decided he's a keeper! :) Sadly, I don't get to see him again until later in the summer. Times like this, I wish I was closer to my family. As you know, the baby days go so quickly.