Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Photos, Practically Non-Verbal

48 degrees ~ dark now, the computer says cloudy skies, but I'm not going out there to check, too tired ~ MORE snow tomorrow morning, although melting fast, but another whopper of system headed our way on Wednesday...I smell another snow day or two

Here are more AWP photos.  I was going to try and post, but in trying to comment on a FB status, discovered my ability to think, spell, & type are seriously compromised by post-AWP exhaustion.  (And I was only there 2 days instead of the 3!)  I do know this:  I plan to sleep soundly tonight!

Lynne Knight, amazing designer of Blood Almanac, has a new book of her own out!

Simmons Buntin of & Katy Miles of Hawk & Handsaw

Josh Robbins!

Matthew Guenette enjoying the bookfair with Keith Montesano

The Big Board: three days and two hotels worth of events.

January Gill O'Neil, Poet Mom!

Kathleen Ossip (L) & Martha Silano (R)

Book Swap!  A wonderful perk at AWP!

Eduardo C. Corral!

Patrick Hicks, CSB/SJU grad '92...finally figured out we had one ENGL class in common, the most important one!

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