Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Kangaroo Has Landed

31 degrees ~ clear skies in Washington DC, saw the Monument in a perfect reflection during my cab ride

Dear Readers, the long journey is over.  I am arrived.

Here's a picture of the temporary digs of the Kangaroo.  Lovely hotel. 

The brief details.  Delayed out of Little Rock, pushed to a later flight out of DFW, flight to DCA left on time, all smooth until landing...45 minutes on the tarmac waiting for a gate and then a lost piece of luggage.

I had my brief moment of panic and was reassured by the folks at the airport.  The ride to the hotel was beautiful, including the above mentioned view of the Washington Monument.  DC is beautiful at night.

Got checked in and touched base on the homefronts.  Considered some evening events and called a few folks.  Decided I was pushing it and just went down to the bar for a burger & fries, letting the world know said details via FB and text.  Happily, Josh Robbins was free and joined me for a nice conversation.  Oh, and Earnestine made her debut!

At the end of our conversation, good news!  My bag was found and should arrive at the hotel sometime in the night.  While I would have enjoyed having to buy new clothes, I'd have been upset to have to spend the time doing so while at AWP!

I'm still sad to have missed such great events today, but there are plenty more tomorrow and Saturday.

I'll be trying to remember to take pictures (of things & people more interesting than a generic hotel room) and will keep you all posted about my happy days at AWP.


Molly said...

So glad you made it - enjoy!

Kathleen said...


Erin said...

Happy you made it! Enjoy your time in DC...

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks, y'all! I'm up and about to head over to the conference. More details soon.