Monday, February 28, 2011

Award Season Rolls On

62º ~ sky working to clear itself of the stormclouds from last night, a clean breeze and daffodils blooming

While the actors and actresses practiced their acceptance speeches before last night's Oscars, I received another blogging award.  Erin Coughlin Hollowell dubbed me a Stylish Blogger on Friday.  Sadly, my exhaustion won out over the weekend, and I'm just getting to my acceptance speech today.

I'd like to thank my wonderful husband, my amazing parents, all my friends out there (you know who you are: wink wink), my two beautiful cats, and my high school English teachers for making my work what it is today.  Oh, and I must thank Erin for recognizing my accomplishments alongside the accomplishments of so many other great bloggers.  (Cue exit music.)

Here are the rules:
The Stylish Blogger Award Rules
- Make this a post & link back to the person who gave you the award
- Share seven things about yourself
- Award five great bloggers
- Contact the bloggers to tell them they’ve won!

I'm so excited that Erin passed this on to me so that I can name some more wonderful bloggers, to add to the ones I already celebrated with the Memetastic Award.  (Yes, of course, I know these are like silly chain letters, but I have found some new & wonderful blogs this way, so I'm all for it!)

Another five great bloggers:

Marie Gauthier: A View from the Potholes (one of my favorite blog titles)

Susan Rich: The Alchemist's Kitchen

Drew Myron:  Off the Page

January Gill O'Neil:  Poet Mom (tireless energy, this woman!)

Nancy Devine:  Nancy Devine

Seven Things about Me:

1.  I inherited a sweet tooth from my father, along with soft teeth.  My dentist is grateful for the work.

2.  While I have no problem getting up in front of a group of students or reading from my own work, I have the worst case of stage fright imaginable when it comes to acting.

3.  The details in the poem "May" from Blood Almanac are true; my sisters never really forgave me as it meant we had to get rid of our pool.  This poem gets the most response when I include it at readings.

4.  I am obsessed with the Midwest and Iowa in particular, the land of my birth, but I have no desire to live above the snowline, now that I've lived in the South for ten years or more.

5.  When I'm working on poems, I can't listen to music with lyrics.

6.  I spend most of my time in sweats and don't care if Oprah has a problem with it.

7.  I am a creature of routine and as I age I am less and less adaptable.  This is not something of which I'm proud.

Many thanks, again, to Erin for passing on the award.  May the circle continue to expand!


drew said...

Sandy -
Thanks for mentioning me and my blog. What a nice surprise!

(btw, I'm with you on music. I can't listen to lyrics while I write.)

Sandy Longhorn said...

You're welcome, Drew. Happy writing!

Nancy Devine said...

thanks for mentioning my blog. i'll take care of my awards duties later this afternoon.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Nancy, just wanted to share you with the world! :)