Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spreading the Joy

99 steamy deg ~ a sky of bright sun, a slight breeze that simply pushes the heavy air but does nothing to alleviate the heat, lethargic

Between the heat and professional development week, blogging and poetry have slipped a bit; however, next week my normal MWF routine shall rise again.

In the meantime, huge congrats to those poets selected by Claudia Emerson for the Best New Poets 2010.  With apologies to Jane Austen, "Among them are some who will claim an acquaintance with [me]."  I'm so happy to celebrate with Angie Macri, whose office is across the hall from mine and is a good friend as well, along with Luke Johnson, who has become a blogging friend through the miracle of our existing in the age of the internets.  To Angie and Luke and all the rest, hooray!


Jessie Carty said...

I'm trying to figure out how to balance my new schedule. I only have one MWF class to teach and then a three hour night class. Just two to start out but wondering how much time I should spend outside of the classroom with prep and things like professional development. Ah all the decisions!

and still write :)

Sandy Longhorn said...

Jessie, the best advice I can give you is this: be patient with yourself. Good luck!

Jessie Carty said...

Thanks Sandy! I think that is the biggest thing. I often expect too much of myself :)

Sandy Longhorn said...

Me too! :)