Friday, August 6, 2010

Speaking of Definitions

88 blissfully cool degrees ~ cloud cover but dead calm, storms are building

So, I'm sitting here reading the paper and enjoying my last weekday off before my faculty duties resume on Monday, and I stumble across this sentence, regarding the cementing of the infamous well in the Gulf.

"A day before, crews forced a slow torrent of heavy mud down the broken wellhead from ships a mile above to push the crude back to its underground source." (appearing in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, byline = Democrat-Gazette Press Services).

I actually stopped reading after "heavy mud," because I couldn't get the question mark in my brain to turn off.  A "slow torrent"? Is that possible?

Here's the definition of "torrent" from


Jessie Carty said...

you are keeping me educated!

guess the one benefit to being an adjunct is I don't have to report until I walk into the classroom next Monday. Although I do have a meeting on the 12th to meet the other adjuncts and the FT faculty.

Sandy Longhorn said...

adjuncts need MORE benefits, but thanks for finding a silver lining there. Good luck with your semester.