Sunday, August 8, 2010

All Y'all Poets, Check Out This Link

88 deg ~ some sun, some whispy clouds, some chance of thunderstorms in the offing

Today: doing my blog reading, feeling good b/c I've been keeping up with the daily posts on my long list of blogs, and needing to share this link with all the poets out there.

Kristy Bowen is an amazing creative force and the editor of Dancing Girl PressOn her blog, dulcetly, she has drafted a beautiful epistolary essay, "dear poet."  Here's a brief excerpt, but all y'all poets would do well to jump over there and enjoy it right now.

The essay begins:

"You will probably never make any money off your writing. You will, however, have shelves full of contributor copies, cupboards full of ramen, unspeakable urges to go to law school or library school or some other semi-responsible thing. You will cry a little each month when you write that frightfully large check to Sallie Mae, or when you can't afford nectarines in the grocery store, when your cats/spouse hate you for not running the air conditioner nearly enough when it's 95 outside."

Read the essay; it's worth the time!


SuziG said...

Thanks for the link; it's awesome. At least Ramen is vegetarian!

Sandy Longhorn said...

:) for me it was peanut butter and non-wonder bread

Jessie Carty said...

oh thanks for this link!

Sandy Longhorn said...

You're welcome, J!