Thursday, March 25, 2010

Links to Tips for AWP, How to Host a Reading, & Thoughts on O'Connor

60º ~ blustery wind, some sun, the sweetgum tree has begun to leaf, my ruby-crowned kinglet continues to visit the tree/bush outside my window

Having caught up on even more sleep and office work, I spent some time this morning revising recent work and then reading blogs. Here are three fabulous links.

1. Leslie Pietrzyk, who blogs at Work-in-Progress, provides some helpful tips for surviving AWP.

2. Blogalicious, Diane Lockward's blog, contains some great information for anyone who wants to host a reading and some key reminders for the reader and the audience as well.

3. Finally, Kristin Berkey-Abbott celebrates Flannery O'Connor's Birthday with a post that ends on this haunting question: "I'd like to claim a bit of doomedness--not because I want to be gloomy, but because for all of us, our time here is so short, and we will never create all that we could. If we started each day with that knowledge, how would we spend our time differently?"

If any of you are engaging in the NaPoMo poem-a-day hat is off to you. Good luck!

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