Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Once More

I am returned from the abyss of July. We are back at school, preparing for classes to begin next week, and I'm feeling positive about my schedule and my resolve.

I am still searching for my next obsession. I've written all the elegies I have in me for the moment, and while Glacial Elegies did not get picked up in the last round of manuscript submissions, I still believe in its strengths as a collection. I do plan on resubmitting this year, after yet another round of tinkering. I wrote a handful of poems in June that feel like they might make it through the revision process and on to the submitting process, but no overwhelming need to write has swamped me of late. I am doing my best to keep coming to the page, to keep opening myself to the world. At the moment much of what I'm writing is forced, but I trust the process.

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