Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Read / View Three Pieces from 20 x 20: A Self-Exphrasis

47º ~ after a gloom-filled, rain-filled day yesterday, the sun is out and the temps are rising

AWP was a whirlwind as always, and I was thrilled to see so many of "my people," yet sad to have missed seeing so many more. I launched AWP this year by doing an off-site reading for Tupelo Quarterly, at a bakeshop no less where all the goodies were free! Wahooooooza.

Tupelo Quarterly is the first journal to publish my new hybrid works, the self-exphrastic poems I've written about here often in the past year.  Without further ado, I urge you to click over and view "Braided Calculations," "Precautionary Measures," and "Work Sheet for Family Debts."

Ideally, one would have the poem next to the collage, but I'm still struggling with the presentation. (TQ presents the hybrid as I submitted it to them.) My suggestion to read / view these pieces would be to scroll to the collage for a glimpse, then scroll up to the corresponding poem for a good read through, then go back to the collage for a closer look. You may have to enlarge the screen for the poem and minimize the screen for the collage. I am learning as I go, per the usual.

As a preview, here's an image from "Precautionary Measures" and the opening lines.

The girl born in drought
                                       learned early
the flammable wisp of hem
                        and dangled bow.

Please read the rest and then browse all throughout the fabulousness that is Tupelo Quarterly 11. With all thanks to Kristina Marie Darling for her outstanding work, and thanks to all the rest of the staff as well.


Kathleen said...

Wow! The perfect blend of your poetry and visual collage talents!!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks, K!