Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Confessions of Inertia

30º ~ brilliant, bright, blasting sunlight ~ cold air settling in ~ daylight in ever decreasing increments

Dear Reader, I confess that inertia is attempting to get the better of me today.  All I really want to do is cuddle up with the cats and finish reading Housekeeping.  (50 pages to go...I'm drawing it out each night to savor it.)  Oh, and I'm craving even more carbohydrates than usual, especially cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting (which we don't keep in the house for obvious reasons). 

I can't even blame the weather for this as the sun is bouncy and the sky clear; I'm feeling unsure of why I'm struggling.  I do have heaps of papers waiting for me in my inbox (I went paperless last semester and grade on the screen, which I now love), but these are the last papers of the semester, so the end is in sight.  I know that the sooner I start grading, the sooner I'll be finished for the semester...still I feel the extra tug of gravity at the moment dragging me down.

Fellow Bloggers, I did click through everything in my aggregator (what a weird word), but I chose "mark as read" more than I actually read.  My apologies.  Please blame this lack on the earth's core somehow gaining more density today than on other days.  Even my heart seems to be pumping more slowly and drowsily, despite drinking my usual mocha latte. 

I'm hopeful that all will be well tomorrow.  Please forgive me for today.


Kathleen said...

You are forgiven, for inertia and anything else you want. Happy Housekeeping!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks, K!

Anonymous said...

Right there with you, my friend.....the pull is nearly irresistable!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Fight the good fight, M!

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

I with ya, sister.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks, Q. Sending energetic thoughts your way. :)