Friday, June 13, 2008


The number of submissions to lit mags that I've sent out in the last 2 days.

The process is quite involved for me. I get out the stack of poems that I consider ready for submission and my stack of lit mags that are currently accepting work. Then, I go through each poem to make sure I'm happy with it and can't see any more revisions (usually, I find a line or two to tweak along the way). Once the poems are ready, the process of matching the right batch of poems to the right lit mag begins. As I go, I pull up the website of each lit mag and check out previous contributors and double check submission guidelines. Yesterday, I found four that had stopped accepting submissions during the summer. It's always good to check and re-check, in my opinion. I was pleased to find a growing number of mags accepting electronic submissions. It is such a savings on postage! Having completed all the preparation, I set up a mini-assembly line of folders, envelopes, computer, and printer and then set to work.

I fell behind in making submissions during the spring, so for now, I'm just happy to have gotten the work out there...even though the reality of rejection lurks on the horizon. Until then, I'll hope for the good news.

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Megan Chapman said...

Twenty!! That is awesome. Good work. I love the idea of the assembly line. Sounds so organized and productive. I need to do the same thing with my art and new galleries.

Good luck!!