Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Bleck!

56º ~ reached the upper 80s yesterday and will do so again today, then Tuesday = a high of 65º, mercurial, temperamental, etc.

Dear Reader, this poet is empty.  I've got nothing today, nothing but a long to-do list at school and very little motivation.  Can we please rewind and have another Sunday?  I used mine up with grading and didn't get my day of rest.

To provide a little boost for me and a little reading material for you, I direct you to the new issue of the Valparaiso Poetry Review, available online.  In it, you will find a host of wonderful poets like Doug Ramspeck, Joannie Strangeland, Brian Simoneau, and others.  Along the way, there is the last of the saint poems:  "The Summer Saint."  I hope you enjoy it.

Until the next time...Bleck!


Kathleen said...

Sorry about the bleck. Glad about the links, and thanks!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Just knowing you are out there helps combat the bleck, Kathleen!

Jessica Otto said...

Awesome poem!!! It's supposed to be cold tomorrow :(

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks, Jessica. So, Vino's?