Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday, Again

81 deg ~ heavy humidity and gray skies

Today has been a repeat of last Saturday.  I've been to the River Market for the Little Rock Farmers Market and taken some photos to share with y'all.  As soon as this is posted, I'm starting on REVISION.  However, today, I'm revising the book: In a World Made of Such Weather as This.  For a month or so, I've been mulling over what the weaknesses of the book might be.  It was a finalist several times this year and a semi-finalist as well.  That's encouraging, of course, but also tells me that some changes still might be necessary.  Wish me luck.

the Arkansas River hazy/gray morning
USS Razorback
a piece of the "little rock"

Miss Becky, my peach connection (Crowley's Ridge, AR)


early arrival means a lighter crowd, 20 more minutes and the aisles are packed

Something for the vegivores


Nancy Devine said...

lovely farmers' market pictures. my husband and i just returned from our local farmers' market with tempting treats.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Yay for treats, Nancy. Mine are peaches, blueberries, and watermelon.

Susan Rich said...

Hi Sandy,

I think you've inspired me to take some pictures at my farmer's market tomorrow -- although it is a smaller affair. Good luck on the book revisions. I wonder if the poem I posted today by WS Merwin might be useful. He is writing at a later stage -- but I love the middle stanza where he addresses what you are immersed in.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Susan, I look forward to any pictures you might post. I'll check out the Merwin as well. Thanks.

Jessie Carty said...

Love the pics :) I'm thinkingbi might need to visit the farmers market today too!

I'm in a similar place as you with a chapbook that was a finalist and at least a semi finalist over the last two years. I pulled a few poems and found some newer ones to freshen it up. We shall see if year three of submitting it finds it a home. Best of luck to you!!!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Jessie, here's hoping year three will be the charm for both of us!