Friday, July 2, 2010

Rambling, Rambling...Revision

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First, before we get to REVISION, the results of my internet rambling this morning: a few links for you.


I'm curiously drawn in by this visual description of Chopin's Nocture, Opus 27 #2.  I'm not skilled in music, but I did take several music classes in college, studied piano and flute as a girl, so I get the idea of intervals that this project uses.  I wonder if there is some way to diagram a poem this way?


This one has been around the blogs lately, but if you haven't checked it out, it's worth it for a laugh.  SlushPile Hell is a blog where a "grumpy agent" posts an excerpt from a query letter that failed and then his lovely, sarcastic remark.


I've been reading Jim Brock's blog, God's & Money, for a few months now.  Today's post concerns applying for a Florida Arts fellowship and also contains some musings on the NEA fellowships.  It's a great straight-forward post, but it's the ending that got me laughing in agreement.  Brock writes, "And what of the usual of not getting the money?  I always eagerly read the list of fellowship grantees, and yes, I am most often Miss Congeniality, really happy for these poets because we so seldom get this kind of recognition, and sometimes I am Susan Lucci, wanting to kick the winner in the groin all the while I smile bravely."  Hee Hee.  I'm usually Susan Lucci, especially in the book contests, and I totally agree with this statement.


Oh, I don't have the link or remember which blog it was on, but yesterday I read a post in which the author complained a bit about the use of "Dear Reader" in blog posts, after having watched Julie and Julia and noticing its use there. It niggled at me a bit, since I do often use this construction.  However, I stand by my use because when I do include that direct address, it happens naturally and is heartfelt.  A bit too sentimental, Dear Gentle Readers?  So be it. 


And now to the meatier bit here, my revision process has begun.  A bit delayed by health issues, but begun nevertheless.  As many of you know, I spent two weeks in June doing a draft-a-day.  I ended up with 12 successful and complete drafts.  A great result...much self-congratulation ensued.  Now, the work of revision begins.  I read over all of the drafts yesterday and found some of them weaker with more soft spots than I remembered during the rush of creation.  When I began the project I hadn't really thought about what would happen after.  It's a bit more daunting to have a dozen drafts needing attention, rather than my normal two or three that might be waiting for help.  I did a quick shuffle and piled them from "best" to "worst" based on yesterday's read.  However, nothing jumped right out in terms of revision.  I think I'll have to simply select one poem and cull it from the herd.

I must admit that I was not feeling in the revision mood this morning.  However, two bloggers have come to my rescue.  Fiction writer, Danielle Newton has a post up about working on revising her novel.  Just reading about her process provided some much needed motivation.  Also,  Joanie Strangeland has a new post that complements an earlier one with some notes for revisions.  If nothing else, this is a tangible place to start.  Many thanks to both Danielle and Joanie for taking the time to blog and share their experiences!


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Thanks for the links :)

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