Monday, July 5, 2010

Great Way to Help a Library and Independent Bookstores

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So, Tin House has a new policy that requires unsolicited submissions to be accompanied by a receipt that proves the writer has purchased an actual book at an actual bookstore.  Kind of cool.

Topping that, in my mind anyway, is Dzanc Books.  During the month of July, Dzanc Books will donate a book to a library for every proof of purchase for books bought at independent bookstores.  Yay!  This supports all of my favorite things: poetry, libraries, and independent bookstores.  Check it out! 


Jessie Carty said...

That is a really fun idea from tin house!

Nancy Devine said...

an independent book store just opened here in grand forks, and i was there last week. i didn't think there would be a lick of poetry in the place, but i bought maybe five or so collections.
alas....i didn't keep my sales slip. but now i've got an excuse to go back and buy more to get my proof of purchase.

drew myron said...

Thanks for spreading this news. I love the idea of supporting libraries and independent bookstores. Very cool.


Sandy Longhorn said...

Hey, Jessie! Glad to pass it on.

Nancy, so glad you have a new independent...that's encouraging.

Drew, Glad you stopped by.