Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Poem Up on RATTLE Blog

65 deg. ~ the air filled with yellow ~ pine pollen falling like snow

Just a short note today to let you all know that my poem "Self-Portrait: November" is up on the RATTLE blog, featuring an audio file of me reading the poem. The poem originally appeared in RATTLE 19, Summer 2003. Many thanks to Tim Green for featuring poems from past issues on the blog and giving me the opportunity to submit an audio file as well.



Nancy said...

lovely work. makes me extra glad that it's probably spring here in north dakota.

Sandy Longhorn said...

N., thanks! Love the "probably" in your sentence.

Anonymous said...

"bite of birch bark"--I like this, & I like esp that I'm reading it on a 70ยบ April day!

Sandy Longhorn said...

M., thanks! Yes, very timely posting on RATTLE's part.