Friday, April 9, 2010

Good Morning, Denver

44 deg ~ mountain sun and blue sky, 17% less oxygen in the air here than at sea level according to one online source

I'm starting Day Three at AWP with a little me time in the hotel room, enjoying the view of the mountains and the quietude.

Day Two (yesterday) at AWP was awesome.  I made it to about 2/3 of the events I wanted to make.  Every year I say that I'm going to be more realistic about what I can do, and every year, I overplan.   I started out the day by attending a panel on grant writing and got some good advice.  After that it was off to the book fair.

Rachel Contreni Flynn
 I finally got to meet wonderful poet Rachel Contreni Flynn and she signed a coy of her new book, Tongue, for me!
There's an auto show sharing the convention center with us, the smell of oil and tires mingling with ink and paper. Gearheads and writers mingling at will.
Suzi Garcia and Robert Bruno
 After a quick lunch with traveling buddy Antoinette Brim, I went to my next panel ~ Poetry & Memorability ~ and ran into former PTC students Suzi Garcia and Robert Bruno.  I'm so excited that they are here representing the University of Arkansas Little Rock. Rock on Rob and Suzi!

Mary Biddinger & Me
  Back to the book fair and a quick stop at the Barn Owl Review table to enjoy a little time with Mary Biddinger and buy a copy of the new issue.  You should buy one too!

Susan Rich & Dennis Maloney
Susan Rich was signing copies of her new book, The Alchemist's Kitchen at the White Pine Press table.  I'd held off on buying the book a few months ago b/c I wanted to meet Susan, fellow blogger, and get a signed copy here.  As a bonus, I also met Dennis Maloney, editor and publisher at White Pine.

Jon Tribble & Allison Joseph
Finally, a stop at the SIU Press and Crab Orchard Review table to see the incomparable Jon Tribble and Allison Joseph, some of my most favorite poetry people in the world.

Suzi G., Robert B., & David Jauss
Walking outside, I ran into Rob and Suzi again, this time with UALR prof, David Jauss, writer of both prose and poetry.  I'd been wanting to meet him ever since I'd moved to Little Rock, and in true, AWP fashion, I met him hundreds of miles from home.

I grabbed a bite and sat in on the first two readers of the Poetry Society of America's 100th Anniversary reading.  I had time to hear Cyrus Cassells and B.H. Fairchild.  Both read super poems, but the comment that stands out to me came from Fairchild.  He talked about being thankful for Alice James Books, who published The Art of the Lathe.  Fairchild had been submitting the manuscript for quite awhile without success and, in fact, was ready to give up poetry all together.  The submission to Alice James was his last and had they not published the book, he would not have written again.  Wow.

 Here is Ron, the Pedi-cab cyclist who transported me to Copper Nickel's off-site 8 Debut Poets reading.  I am now a huge fan of Pedi-cabs and plan to travel this way as often as possible.  A great way to zip through the streets and enjoy the views.

The ceiling of the reading venue
 Just for kicks I took a shot of the ceiling at the reading venue at the Tivoli, an old brewery that is now the student center at the UC Denver Auraria campus.

Those reading at this particular CN event:  Dan Albergotti, Jericho Brown, Stacey Lynn Brown, Michael Dumanis, Farrah Field, J. Michael Martinez, and Allison Benis White.  I was bummed that Alison Stine had to cancel as Ohio Violence is on my to-buy list.

J. Michael Martinez
Here's J. Michael Martinez signing my copy of his brand-new book (as in 5 days old), heredities, winner of the Walt Whitman Award, published by LSU Press.

Matthew Guennette
At the reception I ran into Matthew Guennette and re-met we discovered we'd met at AWP in Austin and share a mutual friendship with the great Sean Chapman.  I'm looking forward to swapping books with Matthew today. 

Allison Benis White

Another book signed.  This time Allison Benis White signing my copy of Self-Portrait with Crayon, another book I'd waited to buy until now, hoping to meet the author.  The best thing about AWP!

Allison Benis White & Mary Biddinger
Last, but not least, a shot of Allison and Mary at the reception after the reading.  I just realized I have no pictures of amazing poet and new in-person friend Stacey Lynn Brown, but she Allison and I shared a Pedi-cab for the last six blocks of our walk home.  Stacey has pictures of that adventure.  Can't wait to see them.


knott said...

check Black Ocean table—they're giving away free copies of my books

(they cost nothing cause they're worth nothing)

Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous right now I can't speak...sounds awesome!

Sandy Longhorn said...

K. thanks for stopping by.

M., hope I'll see you next year in D.C.!

J. Michael Martinez's said...

Great photos and blog! I look so serious signing your book!

Sandy Longhorn said...

M., it's a serious and dramatic photo fit for a poet of such stature!

Penultimatina said...

I love your posts! So nice hanging out with you, Sandy. :)

Sandy Longhorn said...

Awww, M. You are wonderful!