Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hurry! Just Two Days Left

53º ~ seriously? Spring has been in some kind of regression the past three days ~ forecast calls for warming to normal temps by this afternoon

Some days I approach this blog and know exactly what I want to say, and the writing then is an attempt to say it well. On other days like today, I desire to reach out to you all, Dear Readers, but I have no particular subject at hand. The writing then becomes an act of faith, a slightly scary step into the abyss.

The first thing on my mind is that there are two days left to the official National Poetry Writing Month Giveaway, so amazingly conceived of and supported by Kelli Russell Agodon. Click here for a list of all 55 participating bloggers. Click here to leave a comment for my own giveaway of Mistaken for Song by Tara Bray and Blood Almanac by yours truly. I'll use a random number generator to pick the winners and announce them Saturday morning. 64 comments so far (excluding two of my own), so your odds of winning a book are much better than your odds of winning the Powerball lottery!

Another wafting thought that I've been meaning to set in time is this: My hat is off to all the poets who endeavored to tackle the 30/30 of National Poetry Writing Month. I've been watching your progress on your blogs, and I'm in awe. Even if you fell behind, I'm in awe and slightly jealous of all the new material you've been generating.

As a rule, I'm a compartmentalizer. I like routine. I like schedules that run on time because this is the only way I've been successful as a teacher and a writer. I have carved out this time and labeled it "writing time," and this allows me to push aside the knowledge of the emails from students that are waiting and the papers that need grading and the administrative tasks that need completing. In order to attempt the 30/30, a new compartment would be required, and when any new compartment is added to the routine, something has to give. Perhaps next year I'll figure out what feels flexible enough to remove for the month.

Big congrats to Susan Rich on the successful launch of her third book, The Alchemist's Kitchen. For details about the reading and pictures, click here and here. Also, Susan is the featured poet for this week's installment at Linebreak. Yay, Susan!

Finally, I miss my companion these last three weeks, the red-bellied woodpecker who was, on Monday morning, usurped by a squawky starling. As my friend, Anne, says, "Meh!"


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I can't believe it's almost May!

I think 30/30 is a great way to kickstart a writing regimen -- but you have one already. So you're good. :)

Sandy Longhorn said...

M., thanks for the support! :)

Susan Rich said...

Thanks so much, Sandy! It was a lovely launch -- one to remember. I also wrote out some tips on making a reading fun on my blog on Monday. See you in DC?

Sandy Longhorn said...

S. I so wish I could have been there! DC is on the books. See you there.