Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shout Out

29º and a bit past sunrise, clouds out the south window, blue sky out the west

A giant shout out to the poets I met at Hendrix College yesterday afternoon/evening. Many thanks to Hope Coulter and the Murphy Foundation for making my visit possible. (The Murphy house is stunning!) More than thanks to Taylor, Michael, Matt, Julia, Lily, Becca, Joseph, & Tim for sharing your drafts with a stranger and listening with so much attention to my comments. I will be looking for your names alongside mine in the journals very soon! The whole event was a complete delight from arrival to departure.

To celebrate, I've created a cento from the pieces we workshopped last night.

Wrapping Boys Inside Birds: A Cento

My capabilities lie flat across my chest,
truncated, only an S-Curve hinting at a heroic pose.
I wanted to find my own uncertain fingers in your fragments.
Your essence in the air,
golden brilliance shimmering
down the middle,
producing only smoke and sorrow songs.
....................................You could say
I died like the rain.


Heather R Miller said...

I'm fascinated by yr work and yr blog. I taught in the MFA program at Fayetteville many yrs ago w/Whitehead, Harrison,Williams. Come visit my blog called Bittersweet a blog for writing. Lots of AR MFA grads are posting poems there. You come, too! Heather Ross Miller

Sandy Longhorn said...

Heather, Thanks for stopping by and making the connection. I'll definitely be checking out your blog soon!

Nancy Devine said...

i'm learning so much from your blog...glad to have found it.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Nancy, thanks for the kind words!