Friday, February 26, 2010

Bear: 1, Sandy: 0

43º and sun with hazy clouds

I'm giving this week to the Bear, may she enjoy the feast before her. (My bear is an angry, hungry, mama bear.) What can I say...between the grading, the sinus infection that led to a doctor's visit and horrible antibiotics, and this morning a cat that knocked over my 3/4-full cup of coffee just when I had finally woken up enough to even consider drafting a poem, ruining a library book, a journal, and a sheaf of poems in progress...I'm out. I'm done. So, many apologies to the poetry world, but this week belongs to the she-bear in all her glory.

Sadly, I still must grade more papers today, but I'll try to keep the bear out of that business, in the students' best interest.

In the midst of a trying week, I was reminded, however, that my bear is nothing compared to some that other people face. There are plenty of writers out there who don't have the luxury of three mornings a week to give to poetry due to jobs and families and other obligations, and yet they draft hat is off to them. Then, there is a student of mine, and I won't reveal particulars in honor of privacy, who is experiencing a tragedy of a violent nature that will prevent the student from completing the semester, when all the student is trying to do is graduate in order to find some hope of overcoming a bad hand already dealt.

Suddenly, I'm thinking of that old camp song & children's book: "Going on a Bear Hunt." Gotta go trough it, climb over it, swim across it, etc.

That'll be next week. As for this week: it's ate-up.


Erin said...

Hang in there. I'm in the midst of Homecoming which means an additional three to four hours each day with the students, plus my entire Saturday from 7am until cleaning up after the dance on Saturday. My solace, next week's another week!

Get well!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Wow, E., you hang in there. Like I said, my hats off to you!