Monday, February 8, 2010

Random Reflections

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Two Random Reflections:
1. Here's a thought about this blog that's been bouncing around for quite some time. I do not have a site meter; I do not know how to track the comings and goings of those who visit this site. I admit that when others discuss hits or display a list of search terms that led visitors to their sites, I'm intrigued. I did investigate enough to find the gadgets necessary to add a site counter to this space. However, I also know myself well enough to know that therein would lie many dangers of the judgmental and jealous kind. Blogger provides an estimated number of views for the profile section and that in itself has almost driven me over the edge. I look at other bloggers and see their profile counts in the thousands while mine struggles. I have always had a terrible time with self-judgment and jealousy. I do not want those issues anywhere near this space. So, for self protection, I have chosen not to add a site counter or to find any other apps that would allow me to see who is visiting. If you, Dear Reader, ever feel moved to leave a comment, that tells me more than the site meter. If you, Dear Reader, choose to read in anonymity, that too is perfectly wonderful and your right.

2. Being a writer can be a strain for the environmentally concerned. Here is one thing I do to beg forgiveness from the trees that sacrifice their pulp to my paper. I collect all the paper I use in my school office that is only printed on one side (extra handouts, drafts of assignments, flyers, etc.). This pile builds up quickly. I bring home my bundles and use them to print out all my drafts of poems, letters, applications, etc. I only use my store bought paper (30% recycled) for sending out submissions or official applications and the like. Even then, I often end up with drafts on used paper that I don't need. These I re-collect in a bag near my desk and take back up to school where we have large Shred-It containers that get recycled every month. I recently learned that a piece of paper can only be recycled a few times before the fibers refuse to hold. In the interest of preserving trees, consider reusing or at the very least, see if your office or community accepts white paper for recycling. Here ends this PSA.


Anonymous said...

i know exactly what you mean! fight the ego as much as possible, my dear. forget the numbers. remain humble. do the work.

josh poteat

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks for popping into the comment field Josh and for the support!

Nancy Devine said...

i felt very lonely at my blog until i added something that would demonstrate i've had visitors. the widget i added is a feedjit widget that tells where visitors have come from. i love it when i find out that someone from russia has been at my blog. i do have a sitemeter, but i admit that i find my feedjit widget much more interesting.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks for the note N.

Michelle said...

Hi, Sandy.

I think it's wise to skip the site-meter, because there are surely people like me who have your blog on an RSS feed, and unless I am wrong, I don't believe these visits would show up on a site-meter even though we read your posts daily. I only visit your blog when I intend to make a comment; otherwise I read you on my Google Reader.

On a blog related note, have you seen Julie & Julia? Bob and I saw it in our last splurge of free time before the semester began a few weeks ago. We loved it.


Sandy Longhorn said...

Hey, M. Thanks for your friendship and support. I'm the same way with RSS feeds, only clicking onto the blog itself if I've got a comment in mind.

Haven't seen J & J yet, as I'm addicted to Netflix. Unless a movie requires a big screen (Avatar and the like), I usually just watch from the comfort of home. I'll be putting J & J on the list!