Friday, October 2, 2009

The Universe Smiles On

Adding sunshine to plentiful sunshine, after withdrawing the poems that were accepted earlier this week, I received an email from Allison Joseph of Crab Orchard Review accepting the last poem still available. The submission packet originally included four poems, and all of them have been taken, which is an amazing and wonderful thing. As most of you know, I have nothing but love for Allison and Jon Tribble and the great journal they produce. I'm thrilled to say that this will be my third appearance there. Wow. I'm humbled by their support (and that of the students who work on the journal) and eternally grateful. On a side note, it looks like their website has been redesigned. Check it out.

Also, because the universe knows the ego must remain in check, there was a rejection in my inbox as well. And so it goes.

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