Friday, October 2, 2009

New Draft, Just Under the Wire

I was a little worried if I would be able to draft a new poem this week, given all the grading and school tasks I had to do. I missed my writing time on Monday and Wednesday, and so that left today. My usual process is to begin to settle my mind by reading someone else's work and then see where that takes me. Lately I've noticed that the first few poems I read might be getting the short end of the stick. It takes me a while to shift from the world of my to do list to the world of reading and writing. In any case, I hadn't even begun to think about drafting this morning, and I'd barely settled into Lynne Thompson's book Beg No Pardon, when all of a sudden, I knew what I wanted to draft today. Strangely, the poem turned into a prose poem, I think. Those familiar with my work will know that this is not my typical form and so I'm quite unsure of it at the moment. Still, it was good to get the words going again. Hopefully, I'll do a better balancing act with my teaching load so as not to miss many more writing hours.

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