Monday, October 26, 2009

Bookaholics Anonymous

Hello, my name is Sandy and I'm a bookaholic.

You know those women who talk about shoes and how they can't stop buying them? You know those men who talk about techno-gadgets and how they can't stop buying them? I used to think I had nothing in common with these people. Until today...when I finally had to admit to myself that I am a bookaholic/journalaholic.

Over the past few months, I kept getting "surprised" by my credit card bill, somehow erasing from my memory all of the book and journal purchases I'd made that month. In some ways, I blame the internet, although I know that blame is not part of the 12-step process. It's so easy to click and buy, and I'm doing it for a "worthy cause"...supporting my fellow it must be okay. Well, I decided to keep a list on a scrap sheet of paper that sits under my computer screen. I record each transaction as I make it. Last month, I did great. Only subscribed to one journal as part of a contest entry fee. Four weeks went by without a charge and then WHAMMMO! I suddenly have four charges of about $20 a piece, give or take. Someone cut me off!

So, what did I buy? Here's the list:

Going Blind
Mara Faulkner, OSB
excelsior editions, SUNY Press, 2009

(My first collegiate writing instructor. I am indebted to this amazing writer in more ways that she will ever know.)

Hunger All Inside
Marie Gauthier
Finishing Line Press, 2009

(A new blogging acquaintance. Can't wait to read!)

Oxford American
Journal Subscription renewal
(Well, if we don't support local journals, who will?)

Illustrating the Machine That Makes the World
Joshua Poteat
University of Georgia Press, 2009

(Joshua Poteat won the Anhinga Prize the year before me, and his first book Ornithologies is a must-read. I am thrilled for him about this new book!)

The good news is that I can just make my monthly budget with these purchases. Watch for postings about these new reads in the coming weeks.


Michelle said...

Mara's book is out! Thanks for letting me know! Now I need to pull out that credit card. Or maybe I'll ask for it for Christmas from my in-laws? That's a better idea.

Hope you are doing well.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Yes! I have no time for extra reading, but I keep sneaking a chapter here and a chapter there. It's honest and thoughtful and beautifully if it could be anything but.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sandy, thank you! I look forward to hearing what you think!

I've had to seriously curtail my book budget, but I did buy the new BAP last week at the bookstore where I was reading. So far, I'm finding it one of the best of the series yet!

(word ver: ciopalia : a condition of forever saying good-bye...)

Sandy Longhorn said...

Marie, I'm definitely using my desire to read your book to get me through the next week of being super busy.