Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sidebar: God Grew Tired of Us

As my introduction states, I created this blog as a place to post my thoughts on writing and poetry; however, today I am compelled to make a side journey.

If you watch only one documentary this year, please watch God Grew Tired of Us. Perhaps you have already seen it, as it came out in 2006 and I am behind the times. The film follows the stories of three "Lost Boys of Sudan," whose lives were disrupted as very small children in the early 80's, as they seek refuge in Ethiopia, Kenya, and finally, America. The clash of cultures is illuminating to say the least. These men came from a level of poverty and loss I struggle to even imagine, and yet their capacity for love and compassion seems greater than any I can hope to achieve. While I know their culture is as flawed as any, I hope we can all learn something about the real meaning of community, no the real meaning of family, from their stories.

Sadly, as I watched, I could only think of the new "lost children" of the crisis in Darfur. I am resolved to find some tangible way to help someone in need this year and some tangible way to create change for my community.

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