Thursday, January 24, 2008

AWP Bon Voyage

For all those fortunate enough to be traveling next week to AWP, have a safe journey. I knew long before the conference sold out that I wouldn't be attending, but I'm still a little sad not to be going. The mad rush of the thing always exhausts and invigorates me at the same paradox. I have definite plans for Chicago in 2009 (Go Cubs!).

If you are in New York and go to the AWP Bookfair, try to find the Anhinga table and say hey to Rick and Lynne and the rest of the great people there (or even buy one of their great books).


Sean said...

I'm sorry you won't be there this year. I'll wear the sandwich board again for you if that's what you want and yell out (in cockney) "A ha-peeny a boook!"

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks, Sean! I'll give you 10% of the ha-peeny!