Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'd Rather Write Than...

My mom called tonight to report in on the Iowa Caucuses. I have to say that I'm proud of my people tonight. By all accounts there were record numbers of people participating, many for the first time.

After we finished with the candidates my mom said, "Did you go shopping today?" I didn't have any idea what she was talking about. Then, she reminded me that the last time we talked I told her I planned to go and buy a new oven today . (Ours conked out the day after the big Thanksgiving meal...whew!) I had completely forgotten my plan. Instead, I spent the day doing a bit of school work, but mostly reading, reading, reading, and jotting new lines.

I have one more day of "vacation" and a weekend. Then, I report back to school on Monday. The students arrive the following Monday, and we're off to the races. This is the perfect time to be making home improvements and taking care of the household business.

Nevertheless, I'd rather write than...

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