Monday, July 18, 2011

Three Links and a "Coming Soon"

84º ~ morning light over my shoulder, crisp clouds well defined, a tease of a breeze

I'm currently giving myself carpal tunnel by typing OVER the cat's long body stretched in front of the keyboard.  Too much loss and sickness means she's getting her way for a while yet.

Three links to pass on today.

1.  Animated book covers, yep, we're there.  This is pretty cool and thanks to Julianna Baggott for sharing the link to hers this morning.

2.  South Dakota Review announces a new editor.  Welcome to Lee Ann Roripaugh, only the 3rd editor in 48 years and the first woman.  Wahoo.

3.  Jake Adam York contemplates the act of leaving a book or journal behind while traveling in a post for Best American Poetry.  I'm a huge fan of leaving a journal behind when traveling or even when just at Starbucks or anywhere around town really.  I've left one behind at the Jiffy Lube, just in case people find themselves intrigued while waiting for their oil change.  I couldn't leave behind a complete collection, though, unless I purchased extra copies of my favorites, and I don't earn enough cash for that plan yet.  (BTW, I think I startled Jake when I told him that I left my copy of Copper Nickel on the plane to AWP.)  Oh, and I have a habit of ripping out the poems I really love or copying them out in my own journal if they are short.

Coming soon: a response to Alison Stine's Wait.  I have to go to work for a meeting today so I'm delayed.  What's that you say?  Teachers / college professors don't work in the summer?  Yeah right...we just work OFF CONTRACT, which means for free.  Ahem.


Nancy Devine said...

you left a book at jiffy lube...that's the best thing i've heard in ages.

Sandy Longhorn said...

I'm trying to remember which journal it was but can't. Still, I'm hopeful! :)

Karen J. Weyant said...

Ironic. I'm in the office today, too! Can't complain though, it has air conditioning. Home does not.

Kathleen said...

Hey, I just got a Lake Effect with you in it--"Sharper Than This Body"--so I can't leave it behind, not yet!!

I do pass journals on to students, but I love this "pay it backward" (?) idea of leaving lit journals in unexpected places!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Karen, glad you have some A/C!

Kathleen: pay it backwards, I like it!

Poetic Soul said...

Goodluck with the chapbook, I don't think I fully understand how it works with them.. My aunt is always working, she's vice principal and her school is open all holidays for the senior students, it pays off because they're the number 1 school when it comes to results

Sandy Longhorn said...

Hello, Poetic Soul. I think you may be my first commenter from South Africa. :)

Chapbooks are just smaller books of poetry (usually 20 - 30 pages). They cost less to produce and are cheaper to buy. They go back to the roots of poetry publishing and have made quite a comeback in the states lately.