Monday, December 27, 2010

New Poems

37º ~ bright sun, although a few clouds clutter the sky, a cold, cold night behind us

Just a quick note that I have two new poems available for your reading pleasure.

The first is "What Devours Us Is Worth Devouring," which appears in the latest issue of Spillway (#15).  This is the "All in the Family" issue.  My poem appears alongside my cousin Marta Ferguson's poem "And Baby Makes Three."  If you get a chance to pick up this issue, I highly recommend.  No text available online, so get yourself a copy, pronto!

The second poem is "When the Weather Forms a Holding Pattern," which appears online in the latest issue of The Dirty Napkin (4.1).  This lovely journal features one of the poems from the issue presented in handwriting (as well as in print) on a napkin as written by the author.  Another great feature is that the poems are all available in audio form, some for free and some with a subscription.

As always, thanks so much for your support, Dear Readers.  I'd be doing this without you, but I wouldn't be having nearly as much fun.

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