Sunday, December 12, 2010

Love The Rumpus

32º ~ bright sun, quick gusting wind, a hawk in the tree by the shed this morning while I made my coffee

An 'arctic blast' arrived early this morning and promises pipe-busting temperatures tonight.  Facebook has been overrun by reports of snow and more snow and news of blizzards in the upper Midwest.  I confess, Dear Reader, that is the land of my birth and I do not miss it during such times.  I miss it three seasons of the year, but not this one.  Sending warm thoughts to the hinterlands and those bundled up tightly within.

Today's post is just a quick shout out of appreciation for Brian Spears (fellow Arkansas MFA-er) and The Rumpus for linking to yesterday's post.  All due thanks, my friend.  And for those of you who haven't been reading The Rumpus, you're missing out!  Eclectic and superbly written, it's good for whatever ails you. 


Nancy Devine said...

i went for a walk yesterday. why? because i am an idiot, i think. it was so cold....i can't even tell you how cold. it felt like the wind was beating me up. i cut my walk short and headed home.
winter doesn't usually stop me from getting outside. i pile on the clothes and waddle out. but yesterday was other-worldly, quasi-apocalyptic. i assure you---you are missing nothing.

Sandy Longhorn said...

You, my friend, are a brave woman! Stay warm.