Monday, September 27, 2010

Drafting a Guest Blog Post

55º ~ Holy Temperature Drops Batman!  Yep, 55º at 8:30 a.m....Bless Me!  My feet are actually a bit cold, even with socks on, as we have all the windows open again.  Why does a drastic temperature change like this invigorate me so?  In another four months, I'll be begging for a return of the heat.  I am the truest of tempermentals.

Today, I've spent the morning drafting a guest blog post for Her Circle Ezine, which is due to one of the editors there in a couple of weeks.  If you haven't checked out this site, I encourage you to do so, be you male or female.  Here's the first bit from their About page:

Her Circle Ezine is an online portal of women's creative arts and activism from around the globe. By celebrating artists and writers whose work addresses the social issues of our time, we strive to bring these issues to the fore, whilst reaffirming connections between art, politics, and life.

This site is a wonderful mix of many different arts from some fantastic women.  There are interviews, profiles, articles, and guest blogs galore, and I've been lucky enough to have been asked to submit a post for their "From the Writer's Life" series.  I've had a lot of fun this morning working on the draft.  As most of you know, I tend to be a single-genre writer.  Blogging for myself, and now for others, has allowed me to work on my non-fiction skills, which were beginning to atrophy before I took up blogging. 

As always, I could not do this without y'all, Dear Readers.  Even before I'd gotten to know many of you more personally, just having the idea of you, out there in the world reading my words, meant that I crafted my posts with care and deliberation.  I'm grateful that you exist!


Kristin said...

I look forward to your postings, here and elsewhere.

Blogging is currently the form of writing I do most consistently. Some days, I like it almost better than any other art/creative pursuit. I think it's the idea that there's an audience out there waiting for my words. I also like taking daily stuff and seeing the larger implications. I like to think I do that in poetry, but a blog posting is a more accessible medium to lots of people.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Kristin, thanks for stopping by. It's been surprising to me how much I like blogging, and I'm so glad to have gotten to know you through this wonderful new world.