Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Balancing Forces

95º ~ Yep, 95 on Sept. 15th, enough said

I was a bit under the weather the past two days, but I think I've whooped it now.

I've received the first batch of papers to grade but wanted to pop in to let y'all know that the universe loves to keep things in balance.  I wrote (here) about one acceptance from my August submissions.  To make sure the planet doesn't spin off its axis in delight, the universe has sent me three new rejections in the meantime.

Nonetheless, I shall persist.


Nancy Devine said...

i've experienced the get an acceptance and then get several rejections in a row thing. i suppose it's for keeping us humble or something.
some might think it's crazy to persist in trying to get our poems published. (i don't let a little craziness stop me much)

Sandy Longhorn said...

A little crazy is a good thing! :)

Anonymous said...

It never fails to surprise me when you receive rejections!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Oh, Marie! Thanks, though!