Friday, May 14, 2010


81 sticky º ~ humidity blanket thick

A quick post today because I really do intend to set my mind to drafting time. Normally, I'd put everything aside and start with the drafting; however, this morning, I needed to record the poem that will be up at The Collagist very soon. In the past, I'd just open up Audacity and use my built-in mic; however, after my last recording for Linebreak, I knew I wanted to upgrade my mic. I sounded so tinny. Many thanks to Johnathon Williams from Linebreak who recommended the Zoom H2 recorder. Also, many thanks to Matt Bell at The Collagist who provided very clear instructions for how to use Garageband, something I'd been struggling with for a while, having fallen back on Audacity as a substitute. So glad to finally know how to record a podcast!

Here's a picture of the recorder (cute as a bug) and a picture of my desk while I was trying to figure out all the setup steps. While I lost about a half an hour to figuring things out, I'm glad I invested in the new equipment. The sound quality of the recording is much better, at least to my ear, and the recorder is portable, which means I can take it to readings and panels in the future! I'm hoping to record some of my older work and post it here from time to time.

Sometimes I look at the photos of other writers' work spaces and I'm so jealous of their beauty. I've always been much more of a mess, and all of my furniture is cobbled together, but it suits me and my process. I need a lot of surface area when I work, and office desks just don't cut it, unless I'm willing to spend, spend, spend. So, I use a kitchen table that my parents bought for me back in 1997. Recently, we took off the legs and it is now resting on two file cabinets. Turns out, I was hurting my back b/c the height wasn't right for me. It might not look like much, but it fits perfectly now!

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