Monday, November 23, 2009


Today's writing time has been disrupted by a chipped tooth (a tiny pain...but a sharp edge) and a dentist appt this morning. Why does my tongue seem drawn to the sharp edge? I know the sharp edge is there and that it will scrape the tip of my tongue and yet I can't stop my tongue from going there.

Here are four new cards I made last night. I'm not sure they are authentic "soul cards" as I haven't really been searching my soul or trying consciously to portray my goals/hopes/dreams. Instead, I've taken a different direction. I'm looking for interesting juxtapositions of images and words that I hope will spark new drafts, and I may use these for my creative writing class next semester. If they inspire something in you, please email me the results!


Paul Gibbons said...

I just caught up with your last two posts, and I really like this method of putting text and image on cards. I'm teaching a seminar in metaphor next term and this card idea may be a clear investment for the students. Thanks for these last two posts.

Sandy Longhorn said...

P., thanks for stopping by. The idea came by way of Kelli Russell Agodon (link in the previous post). Check out her post with all of the directions spelled out.

Anonymous said...

Egads! Sorry about the tooth -- I live in fear of dentists -- glad you weren't in any pain.

Love these "Soul Cards"! My son Vincent likes to play with sharp things, so I got him a pair of kiddie scissors and thought we'd have a good time cutting up parenting magazines & making collages. Unfortunately he resists guided play in all forms, with me, anyway, so the pictures we cut out ended up being cut up further into teeny (unusable) pieces...

Anyway, love what you've been coming up with, esp. the "Border" and "Disobedience" cards -- bookends?

Sandy Longhorn said...

M. Luckily, it only took the dentist a second to polish off the chipped place...I too live in fear of the tooth-man.

As for your son...perhaps in time he will come around to the usable pieces, although I do love the fervor of small children snipping and snipping and snipping images into oblivion.