Saturday, November 7, 2009

Because Sometimes Counting Helps

I haven't written a draft in two full weeks, mostly because of the conference and then the hectic catching up on grading and prep work after said conference. My goal for the semester was a draft a week, and I have been beating myself up a bit for the lapse. So, I decided to count the poems I've drafted during the semester. (In the past, I have not written well during the teaching semester and have relied on the summer...this year everything got turned upside down and I rearranged my teaching schedule to find more balance with my writing schedule).

Drumroll please...After 12 weeks of school, I have 8 new poems. Here are the titles, in no particular order:
Late Aubade
The Penitent Boy Standing in the Family Plot
The Winged Saint
The Stone Saint
Crouching in the Body's Dusty Ruins
Our Hands Filling Up with All There is Left to Rescue
Naming the Storm
Stumbling Away from the Oracle

Even though I'm technically short 4 poems on my goal, this list pleases me. I'm starting today by patting myself on the back for finding at least some better balance.


Anonymous said...

8 poems in 12 weeks is stellar--hurrah!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks! I'm actually getting a few words down on paper today that might become something later. Whee!