Thursday, March 20, 2014

Where I'll Be: Tales from the South, April 1, 2014

42º ~ dark sky just barely thinking (what a typo! I meant "thinning") toward dawn, trees all skeleton, the tiny leaf buds invisible in this non-light

In my office at work, there is a 4" x 4" printed piece of paper that says "Just Say No." I put that piece of paper there several years ago to remind myself that it is okay to say no. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. Lately, it doesn't.

Still, it's hard to complain when so many opportunities present themselves. Last weekend, one such opportunity sprang up in my inbox from friend and colleague Paula Martin Morell, the creator, executive producer, and host of Tales from the South. Paula had a cancelation and wanted to know if I was interested in appearing on the program for April 1. With that sign hovering somewhere in the back of my mind, I replied "sure!" unable to turn down such a fantastic offer.

For those unfamiliar, Tales from the South is "a radio show created and produced in conjuction with Temenos Publishing Company. The show is presented by The Argenta Arts Foundation with additional support provided by AY Magazine, The North Little Rock Visitors' Bureau, and William F. Laman Public Library.  The show is taped live on Tuesday nights at Starving Artist Cafe' in the Argenta Arts District of North Little Rock, Arkansas. We offer dinner and a show, and shows are $7.50 admission and open to the public. The night is a cross between a house concert and a reading/show, with incredible food and great company. Tickets must be purchased before the show, as shows are usually standing-room only." 

The show happens once a week, and three weeks out of the month it features three readers per show. The fourth week is devoted to The Tin Roof Project, which "features a well-known Southerner reading his/her own true story," a casual interview, and a Q & A session with the audience. Paula had invited me to be on The Tin Roof Project.

So, I won't be reading poems (gulp!), and I need to live up to the phrase "a well-known Southerner" (double gulp!).  An amazing opportunity and an great writing challenge!

If you live in central Arkansas, or will be passing through on Tuesday, April 1, 2014, I hope you'll consider attending the event. The information on purchasing tickets is linked here.

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