Monday, January 27, 2014

Another Contributor Post, A Cool Subscription Drive, and More

35º ~ a wicked wind brings the cold in close beneath the layers and sinks it deep...many sympathies to friends and family in the north country...brrrrrrrrrrr

Last year, I was thrilled beyond measure when the North American Review published "Having Been Outside the Body," one of the early fever poems from the sickly speaker series. The editors have given me a chance to say some words about the poem and the project on their blog, and the post is up today.


I mentioned this in November or December, and it is happening NOW. Hayden's Ferry Review is having a super cool subscription drive. Several contributors to the most recent issue provided paper airplanes with handwritten work, in my case with a spontaneous, never-to-be-published poem. If you want my airplane/poem, subscribe on February 3. (I made 5 planes...all with the same poem.) Other contributors and corresponding dates are provided on the link.

Image belongs to HFR, but that's my poem/plane
front and center, nose-dived in, on dusky blue paper.

Holy Poets, Batman! Next week, I host Jericho Brown at the Big Rock Reading Series at PTC. Tons to do before the big event, but looking forward to it in a BIG way!


It is official. I can read mass market fiction on an e-reader, but I have to have a hard copy book for poetry, literary fiction, essays, etc.


For everyone's health and safety, I'll be getting up at 5:00 a.m. from Monday - Thursday only. Last Friday, I was in near zombie mode. Still, I LOVE the quiet and the words at that hour.

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Kathleen said...

I love the paper airplane idea! (I think it says Feb. 4 at the link.) and I was just immersed last night in Jericho Brown's ghazal "Hustle" in the 2013 Best American Poetry!!