Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gardening 101 with Mom

68º  ~ stormy skies, a brief respite from the storms, luckily no tornadoes

Just a brief pictorial of the work Mom and I accomplished on Sunday, with a few finishing touches today.  Quite a few older, established plants with a few new annuals (purslane, angelonia, caladiums, wave petunias, henna coleus). The pansies are what we planted at Thanksgiving and have survived well into a second blooming, which makes them super tall and prone to fall over.  Painting the old terra cotta pots was my idea!


Michelle said...

Your yard looks like it's from a gardening magazine! I am so impressed! It's gorgeous! (And I like your Cubs flag.)

Sandy Longhorn said...

Aw, Michelle, thanks! It's a work in progress, and that is the only part of the yard that is under control! We've got lots of wild spaces that still need to be "groomed."

Plus, it's all on the parents. When we got married, Chuck's folks planted the bushes and the nandia & grasses.

Slowly, mom and I have been working on season flowers and plants. (This bed gets easier to work each year and what used to take us two days of work can now be tackled in one day!)

Sandy Longhorn said...


Anonymous said...

Love it! And what a cute house/yard! Happy spring/summer holiday! :)


Sandy Longhorn said...

Awwww, thanks, Tara! You have a great beginning of summer, too!