Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Brief Note

44º ~ cold, cold rain, cloudcover, etc, a lapse

Yes, I'm still here, holding on by fingertips.  Rest assured, when the semester wraps up and I've had a chance to sleep a bit, I'll return in full force.

Until then, I hope to make sporadic appearance.  Until then, I'm dreaming of long uninterrupted mornings of reading and writing and blog sharing.

I do apologize to those of you who post regularly, as I've had to sacrifice most of my blog reading time to meetings on campus, spring chores, and grading/grading/grading. 

Until then...


Tawnysha Greene said...

Hoping the end of the semester wraps up well for you! Get some rest!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks, Tawnysha! You too.