Saturday, March 10, 2012

Some New Poems

55º ~ idyllic spring day, all the low bushes and soft trees are busting out in blooms, oh pollen-filled air

Finally, I'm feeling like I might have come back to center after AWP.  This morning, I filed our tax returns and got that off the desk.  I'm taking the weekend off to some extent, although there will be laundry and dishes and whatnot and a light bit of grading. I'm hoping to return to poetry on Monday.

Until then, here's some news.

The editors of The Cincinnati Review have highlighted my poem "Litany for an Insomniac" in their "Why We Like It" feature on their blog.  The poem is in their new issue (print).  I'm humbled by Garrett Cummins' close reading of the poem and his kind words.  The picture of Justin Bieber is a nice touch, too!

I've got a new poem out in the online journal Blossombones, edited by Susan Slaviero.  "The Content of Our Tales" is the prelude poem for the fairy tale poem chapbook I'm still working on, so I'm doubly happy to see it here.

Always keeping things in balance, the rejections are rolling in as well.  I think I have five stacked up on the desk waiting to be recorded.  Whatever it takes to keep the writer ego in check, no?

Tomorrow promises a deluge of rain with thunderstorms to add some spice to the gray.  For now, I'm headed out into the sunshine.


Kathleen said...

Congrats on the poems and on feeling centered. And it's so interesting to know that so many of us have trouble sleeping at that event! Time spent with your poem, instead of sleeping, was time well spent!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks, Kathleen!

Donna Vorreyer said...

Loved your poem in Blossombones - it had a similar feel to some of the farm poems I heard you read at AWP. It was a pleasure to meet you! I look forward to reading more of your work.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks, Donna. And thanks for coming to the panel. It helped seeing a few friendly faces in the audience.

StephanieV said...

Congratulations on the poems; that's great news!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks, Stephanie!

Jeannine Hall Gailey said...

Congrats - I love Cincinnati Review!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks, Jeannine!