Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Poems Available Online & Other Good News

49º ~ a cold rain has been drizzling down all day with frequent outbursts of downpours, all is gray and sloppy

I cannot promise a new draft tomorrow, but I will try and see what happens.  I'll be doing full-time reading series host duties starting at 10:30 tomorrow morning through the end of the day. The balancing game is getting precarious, friends and fans of the Kangaroo.

To tide you over, here is a link to two poems recently published in The Collagist, Issue Thirty-One.  This issue is packed full of amazing work, and I'm so happy to be among such good company. I love the editors over at The Collagist for their dedication to publishing great prose and poetry and doing it well.  They also may win the quickest turn-around time from acceptance to appearance.  The poems "Autobiography as Cartography" and "Autobiography as Cartography II" (clever multi-use of one title!  hah!) were both written last summer.  One of the benefits of recording my draft notes on the blog has been the ability to go back and see where the poems began.  Both of these went through some fairly extensive revision after the initial process, and both were read by one of my trusted friends during that revision (thank you, Friend!).  Here's the link to the draft process for the first poem, and oh, bummer, I didn't record the notes for the second one.  Drat!


While that acceptance turned to publication quite quickly, I've also had some recent acceptances from print journals that will take a bit longer to see the light of day.  I've already thanked those editors in a previous post, but I have a new thank you to add today.  I came home to find an acceptance letter in the mail, yep, in the mail, Old School.  I'm thrilled to have a poem coming out in an upcoming issue of Big Muddy because it is "A Journal of the Mississippi River Valley," a place near and dear to my heart.  The journal comes out of Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, MO.  Hat tip to the Scrapper Poet, Karen J. Weyant for alerting me to this publication.

Yay for acceptances to offset the swarm of recent rejections, and yay for poetry friends far and near.  Yay for days of longer light, even when the skies are clouded over.


Tawnysha Greene said...

Congrats on such happy news!

So glad you got some poems in The Collagist, too! They are a great journal!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks for the support, Tawnysha!

Kathleen said...

Great news, thanks for the links!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Glad you stopped by, Kathleen!

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

Congrats, Sandy. A Midwestern journal you may want to consider is Bluestem:

Karen J. Weyant said...

Yay for good news in snail mail! Great work in The Collagist!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Hey, Q. Thanks for the link!

Karen, Thanks for the support!