Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Where I'll be at AWP: 3 Off-site Readings

32º ~ no complaints for today, good sun, highs around 60º, rain to return tomorrow

Adanna Literary Journal: Off-Site Reading

Saturday, March 3, from 7:00 P.M. to 8:15 P.M.,
in the Hilton Chicago Hotel (the conference's "headquarter" hotel),
Private Dining Room 1. Despite the rather distinct name of this dining room,
our reading is public.

Readers Include:
Jennifer Arin (Reading Coordinator)
Kristin Berkey-Abbott
Debra Bruce
Sarah Busse
Maryanne Hannan
Ann Hostetler
Kathleen Kirk
Jacqueline Kolosov-Wenthe
Sandy Longhorn
Julie Moore
Christine Redman-Waldeyer (Founder, Editor)
Helen Ruggieri
Christine Stewart-Nunez
Ingrid Wendt
Laura Whalen


Kristin said...

Wow, congratulations! I will not be at AWP this year, alas. Travel budgets cut, personal funds dicey, we all know how it is. Hopefully, next year in Boston!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Oh no, Kristin! I saw your name on the Adanna announcement and I was so excited!!

Yes to Boston!

Kathleen said...

Great to see this. So glad I will see you at Adanna (alas, not Kristin!) at least, if I don't make it to the other events. Still sorting out the schedule...

Sandy Longhorn said...

Yay, Kathleen! Good luck grappling with the schedule; it's a monster.